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The Australian Fashion trademark is a powerful asset that will extend your brand’s reach to new customers. Seasonal campaigns and always-on marketing initiatives will draw the attention of local and international customers.


Through rigorous certification criteria and a stringent vetting process, assurance is provided to customers that brands carrying the mark have been held to the highest standards. This in turn creates customer trust in certified brands.


Be recognised for the highly desirable attributes of Australian Fashion - Effortless Style, Raw Nature, Boundless Optimism and Fearless Innovation - and for the progressive ethical values that enable a leading position on the global stage.


Join a community of like-minded organisations that hold similar values and aspirations for advancing our industry together, and enjoy connection to an extensive global network open to collaborative relationships.

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Who can apply?

The Australian Fashion™ is for Australian fashion brands that produce clothing, accessories and/or footwear, either physical and digital. While we hero Australian made, we do certify brands that produce off-shore as long as the majority of other business activities are conducted in Australia.

Eligibility Criteria

Brands must pass the Compliance Test, satisfy the Certification Criteria and sign the Declaration to gain Australian Fashion™ certification.

A summary of the Rules are outlined below. For full details, download the Australian Fashion Trade Mark Rules

We recommend that you download the list of supporting documentation you may be asked for to support your application.

A. Compliance Test

To pass the Compliance Test, a brand must produce clothing, accessories and/or footwear, physical or digital, and satisfy at least two of the four criteria listed below:

be Australian Made: Proving at least 50% of goods are made in Australia;
be Australian Owned: Proving at least 75% Australian ownership;
have Australian Majority Employees: Proving at least 75% of employees are based in Australia; and/or
be Australian Tax Domiciled: Proving tax is primarily paid in Australia.
B. Certification Criteria

A brand must agree to the Australian Fashion TM Rules which include:

Authentic Australian Design

    - Design, development and R&D are headquartered in Australia;
    - Commit to original and authentic design;
    - Omit any cultural appropriation in the design process, including First Nations culture, as well as recognise and
    - Implement the Protocols For Using First Nations Cultural And Intellectual Property In The Arts (ICIP) rights; and
    - Educate your organisation on these commitments.

Australian Fashion™ Brand Alignment

    - Hold a premium profile by committing to elevated creativity, and quality materials and make; and
    - Contribute creatively and economically to the Australian Fashion™ being a design-led business with at least one years’ market presence or an established standing as a heritage Australian brand.


    - Have and publish a transparent environmental impact strategy within 9 months of certification that includes: Current status and future goals; Commitment to environmentally responsible decision-making; Consider Environmental impacts, including but not limited to Clean Water & Sanitation (UN SDG 6), Responsible Consumption and Production (UN SDG 12), Climate Action (UN SDG 13), Life Below Water (UN SDG 14) and Life on land (UN SDG 15); and
    - Educate the organisation on the above commitments.


    - Have and publish a transparent social impact strategy within 9 months of certification that includes: Current status and future goals; Commitment to socially responsible decision-making; Consider Social impacts, including but not limited to: Good Health and Wellbeing outcomes (UN SDG 3), Gender Equality and Reduced Inequality (UN SDG 5 and UN SDG 10), Decent Work and Economic Growth policies (UN SDG 8), Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions (UN SDG 16); practices upholding high standards of Customer Stewardship through honest, diverse and inclusive marketing, and through ethical data management and privacy policies; and
    - Educate the organisation on the above commitments.


    - Demonstrate a commitment to improve workplace gender equality;
    - Implement a ‘Reconciliation Action Plan’ or equivalent that exceeds, within three years of certification;
    - Demonstrate a commitment to diverse recruitment practices, particularly for First Nations; and
    - Publish a Modern Slavery Statement.




Ready to Join?

Applying online is simple, just click below and enter your business information. Make sure you are an authorised representative who can make the Declaration on behalf of the Certified Brand.

You may be asked to submit relevant supporting documentation after completing your application. These are also listed in Schedule B of the Australian Fashion TM Rules.

If you need any help contact our Licence Administrator to help guide you through the process.

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The Certification Administrator will review your application based on the Australian Fashion TM Rules. You will be notified if your application has been approved or denied via email.

If successful, this email will include a link to create your login to the portal where you can access the trademark assets and create your brand listing on the australianfashion.org brand directory (live in August 2022).

If you need to pay a licence fee, you can pay it online by credit card or by invoice.

Australian Fashion™ supports First Nations
If you are a First Nations fashion brand that qualifies for the Australian Fashion Trade Mark, your license fees are waved for the first year.

Licence Fees

Non-AFC members

While this is a not-for-profit initiative, the licence fees fund the administration and promotion of the Australian Fashion logo, website and campaign. Brands are certified for two years and licence fees are paid annually.

AFC members receive FREE certification for the first year, and a 50% discount for the second year. See section below for details.

Brand Annual Turnover
Licence Fee
Up to $1 Million
$1-$5 Million
$5-$10 Million
$10-$20 Million
$20-$50 Million
$50-$100 Million
> $100 Million
All fees are annual and inclusive of GST

AFC Member Discount

Because the Australian Fashion TM is funded by a grant, the AFC are not charging its members any licence fee in the first year and providing a 50% discount for the years after that.
Click here to learn more about becoming an AFC member.

Brand Annual Turnover
AFC Annual Membership Fee
Up to $1 Million
$1-$5 Million
$5-$10 Million
$10-$20 Million
$20-$50 Million
$40-$100 Million
> $100 Million
Australian Fashion™ Fee - Year 1
Australian Fashion™ Fee - Year 2
All fees are annual and inclusive of GST




Congratulations! As soon as you are successful you can create your brand listing for the Australiafashion.org B2C website (launching in August 2022).

Log in to the portal to gain the full benefits of the trademark, website, social, industry events, forums and workshops throughout the year.

Download the logo and guidelines to start your journey as an Australian Fashion brand. (Available August 2022)

We are stronger together.

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The Australian Fashion Trademark is administered by the Australian Fashion Council (AFC) and approved by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

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